EF Cosmetics Safety

Useful information

Responsible Person role for EU importers

The Responsible Person (RP) role can be signed over to a third party, who will also handle customer complaints, hold the PIF file, check the labels, and carry out the notifications to the EU portal. We recommend Megan Parfitt at Connect Compliance.

Looking for contract manufacturers?

If you are looking for a contract manufacturer in the UK we can put you in touch with companies that may be able to help. Typically, the minimum run size for liquid products is 2000-5000 units (200-500kg).

Microbiological challenge tests

For challenge testing, try Microbiological Consultant Services in Derbyshire, UK or Melbec Microbiology Ltd in Lancashire. These companies also do total viability count (TVC) batch testing. If you are new to micro testing read this article on New Directions Australia's website for a clear explanation of preservative efficacy testing.

Stability testing

We always encourage our customers to do their own stability testing since they are best placed to decide whether a product is fit for sale after storage. If a product has been launched more than 6 months ago then reference can be made to absence of stability issues seen in the market. To claim a 12 month shelf life on a product that has not yet been launched on the market the usual minimum test is 2 or 3 months storage at an elevated temperature - usually 40C or 45C. For third party testing try Melbec Microbiology or Emsworth Stability in Hampshire, UK. Emsworth works in partnership with Microbiological Consultant Services.

Formulation development

We recommend Stacey at Stacey Irving Consultancy.

Clinical testing

Patch testing allows you, for example, to say "Dermatologically Tested" or "Mild for skin". Price for a single product is around £500, more if you want to say "Dermatologist approved", and discounted for multiple products. HRIPT studies that test for potential skin sensitisation can cost a lot more. Try Princeton Consumer Research in Chelmsford, UK or Alba Science in Edinburgh, UK.

SPF testing

To claim a sun protection factor (SPF) on your product it has to be measured by a EU-acceptable method using correct light sources, human subjects, and experienced evaluators. Manfacturers' data on typical SPF v. percentage relationship can not be used. Only 1 or 2 companies in the UK offer this service and it costs about £4000 for 3 products at the same time. Try Princeton Consumer Research or Alba Science in the UK.