EF Cosmetics Safety

EU Cosmetic safety assessments

Welcome to EF Cosmetics Safety. We specialise in cosmetic safety assessment services for the EU/UK area. Our company is one of the leading independent safety assessment companies serving the UK contract manufacturing market and we are a member of the UK's cosmetic industry trade body, the CTPA.

Safety assessments for the EU

We strive to offer the flexibility, efficiency and speediness that is particularly required for SME's and contract manufacturers. And, of course, utmost confidentiality is respected at all times. We have assessed thousands of products from simple natural butters and moisturisers to high street haircare brands, colour cosmetics, aerosols, hair dyes and oral care. Our customer base is 75% in the UK but we also have many clients in other countries, especially Australia, USA, Ireland, and other parts of the EU. Our turnaround time depends on workload, but is usually around 2 weeks from receipt of all information.

About our safety assessments

  • Expertly qualified principal safety assessor with broad experience in toxicology, cosmetics, formulation, and chemical ingredient manufacture
  • Full compliance with Parts A and B of EC1223/2009 Annex 1
  • Part A section including all safety-relevant information on the ingredients and final product as detailed in the EU Commission guidelines to Annex 1 (2013/674/EU), calculated exposures, toxicological summary on each ingredient, NOAEL values, sources and references for choosing a particular NOAEL, margins of safety (MoS) calculations, and separate sections on systemic and local toxicity issues. See Cosmetic Safety Reports for more details.
  • Part B section containing the safety assessor's overall summary, scientific reasoning for each toxicological endpoint, and required warnings
  • Confirmation of compliance with IFRA regulations, where relevant
  • A table of specific ingredient restrictions in the EU annexes that apply to the product, and confirmation of overall compliance with the annexes
  • The final safety assessment is provided in pdf format and is about 20 pages long. We pride ourselves on having a concise easy-to-read format and not having a lot of computer generated superfluous information.
  • If we cannot pass a certain ingredient we work with you to discuss what needs to be changed, for no extra charge

Other services

  • Ingredients list in correct EU INCI format (if done at same time as CPSR).
  • Safety data sheets compliant to GHS (in English only)
  • Regulatory status and INCI names check for export to USA
  • We don't carry out notifications to the EU portal (CPNP) or compile PIF files, and we don't routinely check customers artwork. However, we can put you in touch with other experienced consultants we regularly work with who do provide these services.

Go to EU regulation 1223/2009 for more details on the legislation. Also see problem ingredients for examples of unsafe cosmetics and ingredients we don't accept or are restricted under the EU regulations. And go to useful information for companies who are new to manufacturing and selling cosmetics in the EU. For more information on cosmetic safety assessments and to enquire about pricing please email edmund@efchemicalconsulting.co.uk.